BEEP: A History of Game Sound

Our Kickstarter Campaign is Live until September 30, 2014! We want to develop a Book and Documentary Film all about the History of Video Game Sound

The Kickstarter Campaign!

Beep: A Documentary History of Video Game Sound

Why a documentary film and book about game sound?

Nobody has really put together a detailed history of the sound and music in games, and it's time someone did! We want to explore and share the full history of game sound, from way back to the Victorian mechanical penny arcades to today. We want to get the inside scoop, the stories that never made it out into the world--until now! We will take you on a journey from the first beep to the full orchestras! We're announcing our interviewees each week on our Kickstarter campaign, so follow us on Twitter @gameSoundDoc if you want updates!


The book

The book will cover the history of game sound, from Victorian mechanical games right through to the games of today.


The movie

A documentary filled with interviews with the best game composers of the past 40 years from around the world! Please help to make this a reality by spreading the word!

The Website

On this site will be all kinds of useful resources, youtube clips and links, for anyone interested in the history of game sound! Help us to make the resources even better by supporting us, recommending to someone that they sponsor us, follow us on Twitter, and spread the word!

The Team

We've put together a cracking team of experts to pull this project off!

Director & Author

Karen Collins, author of Game Sound and Playing with Sound. Freelance sound designer, and founder of Ehtonal, (developers of Veemix)

Post-Production Manager

Rory O'Neill, over 17 years experience in sound for film and games, including Stargate: Atlantis, Andromeda, Smallville, Psych, Fido, Freddy vs. Jason, and Disney Interactive's Club Penguin


Leonard Paul. Composer of the award-winning documentaryThe Corporation, and for games by EA, Konami and more. You might know him most recently for his work on the Retro City Rampage soundtrack.

Director of Photography

Matt Charlton of Flat Head Dog Productions. From underwater to mountaintop filming for news, sports, music or promo work, Matt can handle it all!

VO (Narration)

DB Cooper. Voice artist extraordinaire! DB has done voice work for Bioshock 2, DC Universe Online, Squids, Firefall and more.


Neil Baker. Neil has written and directed several short films, many of which have won or been nominated for awards.

Researcher (UK)

Dr. Ruth Dockwray is an expert in popular music and has participated in a Japanese documentary about Queen, and appeared on the BBC.


Michael "skitch" Schiciano. Composer and Actor for TV, Games and Film, including Suburban Knights, Paranoia, Planet Pachinko, MMO Grinder and That guy with the glasses



Scott Arnold. Way back in the 90s, Scott Arnold and Karen Collins ran a music magazine together. Driven by a passion for sound, Scott's comics often revolve around music.


Graphic Designer

Sarah Dockwray. Sarah is based in Liverpool, having studied fine art in Manchester, and works as a graphic designer in North West UK.


Interpreter (Japan)

Alwyn Spies, Assistant professor of Japanese at UBC-Okanagan, and a reknowned expert on manga!



Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber is a video game archivist, researcher, and expert on handheld games.

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