• A Collection of Resources

    Beep provides a collection of resources for those studying game sound, wanting to work in game sound, or just interested in game sound history!
  • From the Victorian Arcades to Today

    We begin the Game Sound journey with the Victorian penny arcades, exploring how and why sound was used in mechanical game devices
  • A Global Exploration of Game Sound History

    Beep is a film, book and web project that explores the history of game sound from around the world.
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Beep: A History of Game Sound

The Beep documentary is a feature-length film incorporating interviews and footage from throughout the history of video game sound. We have numerous bonus features that are incorporated.

Feature Film

A ~90min documentary feature covering interviews and footage from the past 100 years of game sound .


Featured content of full-length interviews from game sound designers, composers, audio directors, programmers, tools creators and more.

DVD Extras

Special content with additional features that couldnt' fit into the film, including a "How to Get into Game Audio" special.


Multi-language support with subtitles and dubbing option.

The Beep Book

The Beep book accompanies the Movie and Webisodes with deeper content and full interviews.


Interviews with top game sound designers, composers, programmers, tools creators and more.

Global Coverage

An exploration of game sound's development around the world. We'll be taking trips to Europe, Asia and North America.


Important archival documents from Game Sound's History, including patents and other great coverage.

Professional Diagrams

Professionally designed diagrams and images to help explain concepts.

Game Sound History Resources

This Beep web portal serves as a useful resource for researchers, students and professionals.


Announcements for events relating to game sound taking place around the world.

Learning Resources

Links and resources useful to learning about game sound.


Recommended publications to help you learn more.

Online Archives

Research documents relating to game sound history.

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November 11, 2014

We're about to begin our thanking session on Twitter for our Kickstarter backers. Follow us to hear about the wonderful people that have helped to make Beep happen!

We're editing our first filming sessions from Los Angeles in September and October 2014 and busy building out our script and preparing for our next interviews!

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