The Well

The Well (2014: director Neil Baker) is a unique, experimental short film designed for tablet playback. The initial concept for the film was quite simple: create a film designed for a screen that would be placed on a horizontal, rather than vertical plane, and mix the audio for headphones, rather than loudspeakers. In other words, the tablet would be laid flat and the viewer would sit looking down onto the screen, and use headphones.

We were inspired by the HP Lovecraft short story “The Rats in the Walls” (Lovecraft 1923), in which a man discovers an opening in his basement that leads down into the remnants of a hidden slave village below the surface. In our short film The Well, the protagonist (the Scientist), finds an old well in a forest and descends downwards into the well, discovering another deeper well below that, and another below that, until finally uncovering a creature at the bottom and quickly attempting to ascend back out of the well. Approximately half way down, the Scientist discovers a fungus that blows spores into her face, leading to a hallucinatory sequence that leaves the entire rest of the film in question as to what is reality and what is hallucination.