About Beep's Cast & Crew

Beep could not have been made without an amazing crew of mostly volunteers. The full crew list is on IMDB here: Beep IMDB. Check out our director of photography Matt Charlton's home page here. VO artists DB Cooper and Michael Schiciano. Co-author Chris Greening of Video Game Music Online. And many more!

The full cast list is also on our IMDB page.


You can find a presskit here.

High-Rez pictures

Matt Charlton and Rory O'Neill on set at the home of Yuji Takenouchi. Photo by Yuji Takenouchi 2015



Rebecca Parnell on set in London, UK. Photo (c) Ehtonal 2015




Director Karen Collins photo (c)2016 Zelia Bester



Director Karen Collins photo (c)2016 Zelia Bester