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Interviews for documentaries often take an hour or more (not including setup), and yet only a few minutes is ever used in the film. We'd like to make the content available to researchers and fans, but we need your support to do that! We are currently taking a break from our webisodes, but hope to get back to them soon.




Selected Credits


Becky Allen beckyallen Plants vs Zombies 2, Peggle 2, Resident Evil 6 Not yet sponsored.
Yoshino Aoki aoki Breath of Fire series, Mega Man series Not yet sponsored.
Simon Ashby Co-Founder, Audiokinetic (Wwise) Available now
Clint Bajakian & Michael Land Monkey Island series, Star Wars series, Uncharted Available now
Brendan Becker Chiptune artist Inverse Phase Not yet sponsored.
Anastasios Brakis Taz Founder, Taz-man audio (Fabric) Available now
Alexander Brandon Unreal, Deus Ex, Jazz Jackrabbit Available now
Allister Brimble Dizzy series, Alien Breed, Driver Not yet sponsored.
John Broomhall Forza Motorsport 5, Transport Tycoon, Game Music Connect Not yet sponsored.
Tracy Bush DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft, Diablo II Not yet sponsored.
DB Cooper & Michael Csurics BioShock 2, DC Universe Online, Beep Available now
Adele Cutting Harry Potter series, Dungeon Keeper 2, Sim City Available now
Charles Deenen Need for Speed series, Baldur's Gate series, Evolve Not yet sponsored.
Peter Drescher Telltale Games' Walking Dead, Xbox UI, Not yet sponsored.
Gordon Durity FIFA series, NBA series, NHL series Not yet sponsored.
Mark Estdale Timesplitters 2, Broken Sword series, Runescape Available now
Formosa Interactive The Last of Us, InFamous 2, Gears of War series Not yet sponsored.
Brad Fuller Marble Madness, Tetris, RoadBlasters Available now
Scott Gershin Star Citizen, The Last of Us, Resident Evil series Available now
Jason Graves Dead Space series, Evolve, Tomb Raider (2013), Beep Available now
James Hannigan Dead Space 3, Harry Potter series, Warhammer series Not yet sponsored.
Lance Hayes Forza 3, 4 and 5, Animatrix, Matrix Reloaded Not yet sponsored.
Rich Heimlich Author, Sound Blaster: The Official Book Available now
Rudy Helm Quest for Glory 3, King's Quest 6 Available now
Spencer Hooks Director of games group at Dolby Available now
Steve Horowitz Dora the Explorer, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Not yet sponsored.
Shinji Hosoe Ridge Racer series, Tekken series, Street Fighter EX, Not yet sponsored.
Chris Huelsbeck Turrican, Great Giana Sisters, Jim Power Available now
Sam Hughes LEGO Batman 3, editor of Sound Architect Available now
Noriyuki Iwadare Langrisser series, Lunar series, Grandia series Not yet sponsored.
Richard Jacques Headhunter, Shinobi X, Sonic series Not yet sponsored.
Damian Kastbauer Uncharted 3, Star Wars series, Peggle 2 Available now
Michael Kelly PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita audio hardware Not yet sponsored.
Hiroki Kikuta

Secret of Mana series, Shining Hearts Not yet sponsored.
Penka Kouneva Gears of War 3, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands, Transformers Available now
Jenn Lewis Need for Speed series, James Bond series Not yet sponsored.
Levon Louis Aliens, Silent Hill, Assassin's Creed Not yet sponsored.
Richard Ludlow Disney Infinity, Family Guy Available now
Peter McConnell Grim Fandango, Broken Age Not yet sponsored.
Nathan McCree Tomb Raider series, Silent Hill: Downpour Available now
Dren McDonald Ghost Recon: Commander, Ravenwood Fair Not yet sponsored.
Koichi Namiki Afterburner, Thunder Blade Not yet sponsored.
Michiko Naruke Wild Arms series, Legion, Super Smash Bros series Not yet sponsored.
Graeme Norgate Killer Instinct series, Donkey Kong Land, TimeSplitters series Not yet sponsored.
Marty O'Donnell Halo series, Riven, Destiny Available now
Hisayoshi Ogura Darius series, Arkanoid, Thunder Fox Available now
Joanna Orland Wonderbook: Book of Spells, God of War 3 Not yet sponsored.
Rebecca Parnell Cannon Fodder, NARC, Colony Wars Not yet sponsored.
Leonard J. Paul Retro City Rampage, Vessel, Beep Available now
Winifred Phillips Assassin's Creed III: Liberation HD, Little Big Planet series Available now
Jory Prum Grim Fandango: Remastered, Broken Age Available now
Tom Rettig Carmen Sandiego series, Myst Available now
Wilbert Roget II Monkey Island remakes, Star Wars The Force Unleashed Not yet sponsored.
Arnie Roth Conductor for Final Fantasy concert series Distant Worlds Available now
Hitoshi Sakimoto Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics series Available now
Tom Salta Halo series, Tom Clancy series, Red Steel series Not yet sponsored.
George Sanger 7th Guest, Wing Commander, Maniac Mansion Available now
Nobuyoshi Sano Ridge Racer series, Tekken series Not yet sponsored.
Tenpei Sato Exile, Valis II, Beast series, Emerald Dragon Not yet sponsored.
Brian Schmidt NARC, Xbox audio, GameSoundCon

Available now

Part 1, Part 2

Stephan Schutze Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, The Polar Express Available now
Garry Schyman BioShock series, Destroy All Humans series Not yet sponsored.
Scott Selfon Microsoft Xbox Not yet sponsored.
Tetsuya Shibata Monster Hunter series, Devil May Cry series Not yet sponsored.
Yoko Shimomura Kingdom Hearts series, Mario & Luigi series Available now
Chanel Summers Microsoft Xbox Not yet sponsored.
Yuji Takenouchi Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Nemesis Not yet sponsored.
David Thiel Q*Bert, The Hobbit (pinball), AC/DC (pinball) Not yet sponsored.
Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Series, Chrono Trigger Available now
David Viens Plogue Art et Technologie: chipsounds, chipspeech Available now
David Warhol Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, The Bard's Tale Not yet sponsored.
Jim Welch Super Nut Jump, Hero Trap, Meriwether Available now
Tom White Roland, MIDI Manufacturers Association Available now
Guy Whitmore No One Lives Forever series, Peggle series Available now
Alex Wilmer Tomb Raider (2013), Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Not yet sponsored.
Nick Wiswell Fur Fighters, Forza series Not yet sponsored.


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